Marek Farebny


Currently working on:

At the moment, I am not working on any new podcasts.

If you want to discuss anything related to podcasting (production, content, voice),
feel free to contact me.

Past podcasts:

Na Hlavu (SVK)

Link: Psychiatria nie je na hlavu
Language: Slovak
Active: 2019
Topics: Mental Health, Psychology, Therapy

One day my friend Števko called me with an idea to make a podcast about mental health. Already working in a student radio and going through difficult mental phase at the time, I was all into it. Soon after, others have joined. The podcast got a kickstart thanks to Radka who became a voice of the podcast and Klára who helped to promote it through her mental health project.

Currently, the podcast is in the capable hands of a fresh new team. New episodes should follow soon.


Link: Podmaz on Mixcloud
Language: Slovak
Active: 2015-2020
Topics: Soundtracks, Movies, Games

This is my first and longest running podcast totalling at roughly 50 episodes. First going solo, later joined by my partner-in-crime Ivo, we’ve covered individual artists, genres, topics, decades and even had an annual “Podmaz Awards”. The running joke was that we were listening to movies more than watching them.

It is a product of pure love and geekness.

Podcast O2 pre biznis

Link: Podcast on Spotify
Language: Slovak
Active: 2020
Topics: Business, Finance, Smartphones

First commercial podcast I was involved with. It was a huge learning experience for me and the team - Lucia, Kubo (who later became the voice after a couple of episodes) and Patrik (who later took over the production duties). Unfortunately, we were producing it during 2020, which rendered a lot of episodes obsolete mere moments after publishing.